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What Is AirPrint? Does It Function Like Wi-Fi?

AirPrint is an innovative printing technology, which allows Apple devices to print to wireless printers compatible with AirPrint over a Wi-Fi network. However, if you are under an impression that AirPrint is a Wi-Fi, then that’s completely wrong. AirPrint is only going to work if you have a Wi-Fi network and allow iOS devices on it. Then, you can easily use AirPrint to print documents and images.

AirPrint Basics

With AirPrint, it becomes possible to connect smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices to print directly to printers. The unique functionality of AirPrint eliminates the need for any driver to communicate between two devices.

The technology used between printers and devices is called ‘Bonjour’, yes, a famous French greeting, which in this case is a zero-configuration networking technology. Using this technology, both devices are able to locate each other without needing any setup.

AirPrint Requirements

In order to use AirPrint, you need to have three things, a Wi-Fi network for transmitting the signal, iOS device or Mac OS X that is connected to the network and lastly, an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer. If you have all these three things, then you won’t have any difficulty using AirPrint.

AirPrint Or Wireless: Which one is better?

You will come across many wireless printers that are not compatible with AirPrint but are still used with iOS devices. However, if you want to use those devices, you will have to install a special printing app on your device. There are many apps available on the app store, but if you want to know if those are apps are good, then I’d say, not really.

Many apps don’t integrate that well into the iOS devices compared to the AirPrint. If you own a laptop and travel for work, AirPrint is going to provide you with the ability to print to any printer that your device is able to locate. No configuration or installation of the printer needs to be done.

Adding AirPrint Functionality

In case, your printers are connected to a Wi-Fi network, but are not compatible with AirPrint, even then, you can add AirPrint capability to any printer of your choice. In order to do that, you will have to install additional software on the computer that you’ve connected to the network. That particular computer is going to act like the AirPrint server for the printer despite the fact that it will only work if the printer is on and connected to the network.

With that, we hope that the concept of AirPrint and its functioning is clear. In case, you want to know more about AirPrint or looking for steps to connect AirPrint to your printer, then you can get in touch with AirPrint Setup facility because they can only assist you with that process.

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