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Printer Driver For The Mac: Apple Sets Compatibility List

Printer Driver For The Mac

Many printers and scanners are now working on driverless technology unlike before when they used to operate on a certain operating system. With Apple launching AirPrint, printers and scanners got the ability to print without installing any driver.

Apple provides a set of printers and scanners for macOS drivers, which can be reloaded as needed via the integrated software update of the operating system. The accompanying list, which lists all Mac-compatible printers from different manufacturers, Apple now, however, no longer want to update. Many of the printer vendors anyway supported driverless technology such as Apple’s interface AirPrint and therefore stopped providing drivers, the company cited as a reason.

Apple’s AirPrint as a driverless alternative

“If your printer is just a few years old, it probably does not need a driver. This list is for reference only and will not be updated, “Apple explains in a recently-updated September support document for macOS printer support.

The Mac manufacturer also runs a list of printers that accept AirPrint wireless print jobs from Mac and iPhone. This document is updated monthly by Apple and should be maintained in the future as well.

You can easily download Mac printer drivers via manufacturer page. If you are unable to download those drivers from the manufacturer’s website, then you can log onto the iPad Printer Setup site in order to find the right drivers for your printer.

The delivery of drivers via the software update of macOS is comfortable, the user does not have to do much more than connect the printer.

Printer manufacturers’ offer drivers for macOS so if it is available, then you should definitely download it. But, you may find that their download link has to be searched via support pages, which may be a tiresome task, but you will have to do in order to get the driver.

Sometimes the manufacturer driver installs additional printer tools that many users do not need. In addition, the drivers previously provided by Apple generally seem to cause fewer problems.

Existing printer drivers are apparently still available for download from the software update in macOS. Since macOS 10.14 Mojave, the update function is part of the system settings again, in the three previous macOS versions updates can be obtained via the Mac App Store.

Apple has been releasing the list of printers that are compatible with its MacOS for the past many years now. If you are using a printer, which you don’t know whether it is compatible with MacOS or not, then you can get in touch with experts to find it out.

Moreover, it is better to invest in a printer that is compatible with AirPrint, which makes it easier to print documents and images without physically connecting the printer to the source device. To know more about AirPrint, kindly read the previous blogs on iPad Printer Setup.

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