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Portable Printing Gets Smarter With Or Without Airprint

Portable Printing

Now with the change and modernization in technology, it has become possible to carry out the same tasks from a smartphone which you perform on the computer earlier.

We can now print anything from our iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. By spending little time on configuring of the printer on iPad or iPhone, we can start using it without any hassle. We can directly print our email attachments and photos.

All the configurations are not AirPrint related. We can print with or without AirPrint. In our recent post, we have covered the steps to print the files from Mac by using AirPrint. You can use Printopia that lets you connect as many devices as you want to the Mac and print the documents wirelessly.

However, if you want a direct connection between mobile device and printer, then here are some techniques for you. We are going to discuss some of them with you.


Let’s start with the AirPrint before moving further. iPhone and iPad are currently using iOS 5.1 that can print directly from AirPrint printer connected to the same wireless network. You can print keynote, Mail, photos, and documents from safari.

Though this is a simple process the limitation is the number of copies you can print. The size of the image reset to 4 by 6 inches regardless of a print size selected. In order to print a different size, you need a different app.

With Keynote printing, you can print full sized projects created earlier. You can create page range settings according to your preference or choice.

To forward a job, click on the ‘Wrench’ icon in the upper right corner and click on ‘Share’. Tap ‘Print to configure the job’.

Printing mail from the mail app is not too tedious as long as you print the entire document. You can print attachment with much-controlled appearance.

However, if you want to print web pages from Safari, then it can be a cumbersome project. You can quickly end up a 10-page document from a web browser on different sheets of paper.

Print Agent Pro 1.8.5

In order to get rid of the AirPrint issues, you can use third-party apps that support printing. Print Agent Pro is a good example of it.

It is available in two versions: For iPad, it is $6 and for iPhone, you will have to pay $4. Both perform the same function. Once it is installed, you can start using it and open the email attachments directly on it from your email. You can change or edit the printing settings like paper orientation, page range, number of copies and some nice extras.

With a print agent, you can copy items on the clipboard from any device and print the same through the printer. It is connected to your contact apps which enables you to print multiple contacts on one page. In order to print the screenshot, first capture it by pressing the power button and home button together, then send it to ‘Print agent pro’.


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