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List Of Airprint Compatible Portable Wireless Printers

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Depending on the usage or requirements, you can select the best printer from the list given in the post. All these portable printers are AirPrint friendly and can be connected to the iPhone and iPad quite easily. For more information, contact iPad and printer experts.

Go through the list of AirPrint compatible wireless printers which are best for your Mac Laptop, iPhone and iPad printing of documents and images when you are at or away from the home.

  1. Epson 100 AirPrint photo printer: This is an AirPrint supported printer and is very light and sleek in design. You can easily carry it from one place to another. It has built-in USB and Direct Wi-Fi access for network connectivity. Printing documents from the iPad or iPhone can be easily done with the help of this printer. There’s a color LCD display given on the front panel which can be used for initial set-up. You can charge this printer through the USB port of your MacBook. Apart from this, it also has an internal power supply which can be directly connected to the AC outlet.
  2. Canon Pixma iP110: This AirPrint compatible printer is one of the most economical and reliable printer also known as travel printer for iOS OS users. This printer does support battery but is not provided with the packing. You will have to purchase it separately which is indeed costly and bulky in size. It supports both AirPrint mode and the Wireless Access point mode if no router is available. You can switch between the modes with the help of physical switch given behind it. The setup is a bit complicated as no settings are shown on the LCD display.
  3. HP Officejet 200 Mobile printer: It is Hewlett Packard’s designed AirPrint supported printer which suits the needs of iPhone and iPad users. It is the latest model and is now coming with built-in Wi-Fi capability. It is easy to use and has simple user-interface which makes it different from the rest of the printers. iPhone and iPad users find this printer faster and reliable than any other printer that falls under the same category. The battery is included in this pack along with this, you will get grayscale LCD display. You can get extra-large ink cartridge for this printer easily from the market which is even easy on your pocket.
  4. HP Officejet 250 Mobile scanner, printer, and copier: Another product from Hewlett Packard which not only performs the printing function but at the same time copying and scanning as well. It is a multi-function portable printer with inbuilt USB, Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet port. This printer is best suited for business users who used to print, scan and copy the documents at the office.

Nevertheless, to say, this extra-functionality adds extra weight and cost to this printer still, it is one of the most selling product in the portable printer market. This is an all-in-one printer which solves all the business purposes be it printing or copying. This printer has a sensitive touch color LCD panel which eases the user to perform the setup initially. You can even get the status of remaining ink in the cartridges on the screen itself. If there is bulk printing done on a routine basis, then you can even install XL high-capacity ink cartridges in it.

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