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Instructions For Printing Wirelessly From iPhone And iPad.

With AirPrint, you can print wirelessly from iPhone, iPad quite easily. There are also two other methods you can apply to complete this work without AirPrint.

Wireless printing from an iPhone or iPad is as easy as eating a cake. Thanks to AirPrint, Apple iOS devices can connect to the printer immediately and send print jobs to anything.

The advantage of this solution is that the installation process is very simple. The downside is that you need an AirPrint enabled printer.

Today, we will introduce you to three different printing options. The first option requires AirPrint, while the other two options allow you to complete the task even if the device does not support Apple’s proprietary technology.

How to use AirPrint to print from iPhone and iPad wirelessly?

You can use AirPrint with Wi-Fi or wired network. However, make sure the printer you are using supports this technology.

Step 1: First, you connect both iOS device and AirPrint printer to the same network.

Step 2: Now, open the application that allows printing documents and press the Share button. At the sharing menu, click the Print button.

Step 3: On the next screen, click the Select Printer button and then select the AirPrint printer from the list that appears.

Step 4: Next, adjust the printing options according to your needs, such as Number of copies, Page range (Print page number), Single-sided/Double-sided (Print One-sided/Double-sided), Black & White (Black-and-white printing) or Color (Color printing).

Step 5: Finally, click the Print button at the top right corner.

iOS allows you to track the print job, as well as cancel it if desired.

How to view or cancel a print job on iPhone and iPad?

Step 1: Suppose, the printing process is happening. Please open App Switcher.

Step 2: Now, select Printer Center to see the print job. If you want to cancel it, select Cancel Printing.

Many manufacturers offer different ways to print from mobile devices thanks to the direct access point (Wi-Fi Direct) technology. Besides, these companies also offer fully customizable applications that allow you to get things done effectively.

Printing from iPhone and iPad does not require AirPrint

The following instructions are performed on the application that came with the HP printer. For others, the process may not be 100% identical, but they are usually not much different. Therefore, you can complete the task by following the steps below. For a better understanding, you should read the user guide that comes with the printer.

Step 1: Download the printer manufacturer’s app from the App Store.

Step 2: Select the appropriate document type and browse to the file you want to print.

Step 3: Press the custom button at the top right corner to adjust the printing options. When done, click the Print button.

Use third-party applications to print from iOS devices

There are quite a few third-party apps such as, handyPrint, Printopia and Printer Pro, which support wireless printing from your iPhone or iPad. If you want more options, they may be right for you.

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