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How To Use Apple AirPrint On Windows PCs?

AirPrint is an Apple technology through which you can print from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) without using cables. The functionality is native to some wireless printers, but with the help of an application, you can emulate an AirPrint server on a Windows PC and use the printer you have, even those without Wi-Fi connectivity.

The ability of AirPrint to work on Windows PC may come as a surprise to you, but that is, in fact, possible because Apple didn’t want to be called ‘arrogant’ whose services are confined to only Apple devices. This is the reason that Apple iPad printer or AirPrint is available to offer its services on Windows PCs.

Now, the question is as to how to setup AirPrint on Windows PC so as to be able to print documents and pictures easily. If you too are in hunt of an answer to that question, then you need to check out the tips and learn how to set up a common printer installed on a Windows computer to print from iOS devices.

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is search for ‘Printers & Scanners’ option, which you can do by either searching the phrase in the ‘Search’ box given at the bottom of the screen, i.e., in the taskbar (if using Windows 10), or finding the options in the ‘Control Panel’. After that, you need to open the ‘Printer & Scanner manager’.

Step 2: In the printer and scanner manager, click on the name of your printer, and then select “Manage”.

Step 3: Now in the device settings, click “Printer Properties”.

Step 4: Next, open the “Sharing” tab, check the “Share this printer” option and press “OK”.

Step 5: After that, download and install the Bonjour Print Services application. In it, select your printer and click “Next”.

Step 6: Wait until the application makes the necessary settings and click “Finish”.

Step 7: Then download the AirPrint application and run it with administrative privileges.

Step 8: Click on “Install AirPrint Service” and finally make sure “Auto” is selected and click “Start”.

Step 9: Now, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can print using your ordinary printer. However, it should be noted that the computer must be turned on for the printer to be located.

Step 10: If you are unable to activate AirPrint, make sure that the application and UDP port 5353 are unlocked in your firewall settings. Check out how to free up applications and ports in the Windows firewall.

Ready! With these tips, you can use a common printer installed on a Windows PC to print from an iOS device. In case, you have performed the aforementioned steps in the right way, yet not able to print anything from AirPrint on your Windows PC, then you need to consult AirPrint setup and support providers.

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