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How To Use AirPrint To Print Documents Especially PDFs?

Printing with AirPrint Mobile devices from Apple as the iPhone and iPad have an easy way of printing via AirPrint. If you are new to this technology and want to know how to use AirPrint, then read below how to print optimally! You will also find information regarding how to use AirPrint setup to print PDF files, which many users don’t know if AirPrint is capable of doing.

Apple’s method of printing directly from a mobile device to a printer is called AirPrint. The nice thing is that no drivers and other misery are needed for this. Only an AirPrint compatible printer is required. More and more modern network printers have that possibility.

And are you unlucky and do not have such a printer? Then that does not have to be a problem if you have a Synology NAS for example. It has a built-in AirPrint server, with which you can give almost every printer this functionality. The operation of the AirPrint function is simple.

  1. Tap the share button in an app from which you want to print something, and then tap Print.
  2. Probably your printer has already been detected and selected. If necessary, tap the indicated copy after Printer to choose another printer.
  3. If you have multiple printers in your network. The printout rolls out of the printer after waiting.

Better printing

Just as with printing from a ‘normal’ operating system, you also see here that when printing web pages, for example, a lot of superfluous pages are often included. The sin of paper, ink, and toner.

  1. Tap Options to set the page range and only choose the really necessary pages.
  2. You can also indicate whether you want to print in color, or black and white or double-sided (if your printer can do this).
  3. If a print does not come out well, then there is another trick.
  4. At the top of the open web page – in the address bar – tap the read-display button.
  5. You will now see a page optimized for pleasant reading. And such a layout is also suitable for optimal printing.
  6. If you now touch the share button and print, the page will be put on paper without markup errors and unnecessary frills. Ideal!


Finally, you can also create a PDF from the preview in the AirPrint dialog. Make a spreading motion with two fingers on the preview; it is now displayed in large size.

  1. Tap the share button and select a PDF-capable app, for example, Acrobat Reader. The now-converted document is then opened there.
  2. Tap Done in the large preview and then click Cancel in the print dialog to prevent the page(s) (yet) from being printed.
  3. The advantage of this method of creating a pdf is that separate pages are generated.
  4. If you choose the share button in the browser and then create PDF, you will see a long PDF without subdivision in pages.

The drawback of the print-preview-pdf route is that any layout errors are also included. Sometimes one method is better and sometimes the other, the question is of trying, nothing else.

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