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How To Setup Canon Printer On Mac?

Canon Printer On Mac

The process of connecting a canon printer to the Mac is a bit complicated if you are using the old model printer. You can complete the setup by implementing the steps given on the page. If you still find any problem, you can contact printer experts.

The setup depends on the type of printer you are using. If you have recently purchased the printer, then it will certainly support ‘AirPrint’ app by default. Yes, if you have an old model printer, then you will have to download the printer drivers online which support Mac and available for free on Google.

Canon printers usually have Wi-Fi built-in with the help of which you can connect the Canon printer to Mac. You can use the same user ID and password you use on Mac to connect the printer to the internet. If there is a WPS system enabled on the computer, then check the manuals available with the router to learn how to connect the printer to the internet.

Steps for adding Canon printer to Mac

To start adding the printer to the Mac, open ‘Device and printer’ option from Mac settings. Here, you will find a list of printers available on the network. Select ‘Canon’ printer and right-click on it to set it up as a default printer for Mac. You can change the settings of your printer easily in future from the same menu.

Canon printer not showing on Mac

You may come across a situation when your Canon printer is not showing on Mac and continuously giving error messages on screen. Another message common these days is ‘Software not found’. If you have downloaded the pirated version of the software, then you will find this error message. If you want a quick solution to the different errors, go through the manual provided with the printer or contact printer experts.

AirPrint and Mac

Luckily if your canon printer supports AirPrint features, you can easily connect the printer to the Mac using the same Wi-Fi. Connect both Mac and printer to the same Wi-Fi. You must restart router and printer in order to make them sync with each other. You can connect the printer to any router irrespective of company or version. Ensure that you are using the latest version of software on the printer and no firewall and Antivirus should be enabled as this may block the software.

How to use Printer and Mac

In the old model printer, you will find a USB port with a cable. Connect one end of the cable to the printer USB port and other to the Mac. Turn on the printer and Mac and see if you are getting ‘Connected’ message on the screen or not. The advantage of using Mac with the printer is that it will automatically download the software required for connecting it to the printer. All the functions will auto-update with the latest software installed on it.

Wait for few minutes until the printer gets started on its own and restore previous settings if any. After this, you can open the printer menu from the home screen of Mac and make changes according to the requirement. You can print, scan and upload the documents to Mac with the help of canon printers.

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