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How To Print Photos Straight From iPhone?

Although it has become an obsolete act for some, many still consider printing photos as the best way to store memories. With technological advances, this process has become even simpler, as users not only can print their photographs without leaving home, but also without any need for it. That’s because with the arrival of printers with Wi-Fi, it became possible to print images straight from the iPhone.

Here’s how to print photos from your iOS

  • Printing with AirPrint

Step 1. The step-by-step procedure will be specific for users who have printers with AirPrint technology. There are several models on the market, among them: Canon, HP, Dell and Samsung. First and foremost, set the printer to work in this format – there are some models that come automatically with AirPrint, but if that is not your case, set yours before using it.

Step 2. Make sure your printer and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network – just this will work.

Step 3. Open the iPhotos app or if the photo is in the email, you can use Mail or Safari – the important thing is that the app is native to Apple.

Step 4. Once you have chosen the photo you want to print, click the Share icon, as shown by the arrow.

Step 5. Now drag the icons from right to left until you find the “print” option.

Step 6. Once done, mark how many copies you want to print, then press the printer to select the machine you want to print. Now just press to start the process!

  • Printing without AirPrint

If you want to know if there is a way to print without AirPrint, then yes, there is. Let’s find out what the steps are for printing pictures from iPhone without using AirPrint.

Step 1. There are other ways to print a photo from your iPhone without having a printer with AirPrint technology. The first step is to download an app that will help in the process. In this case, the program must support the model of your printer. There are a few options, such as Printer Pro.

Step 2. Download the app from a reliable source and make sure your printer is set up for use with the program. Then just press to print!

Remember that the Wi-Fi network must always be the same for the smartphone and the printing machine

Despite alternatives, we believe that AirPrint is the ideal and most convenient technology for printing photos and documents directly from iPhone because the technology is specifically made for Apple devices, so there has to be an extra bit of comfort for users when using AirPrint to print pictures from iPhone. Rest is personal choice of the users as to what app they want to use. For More Information about iPad Printer Settings.

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