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How To Print From Your Latest iPhone XS Max Or iPad 6th Generation?

iPhone XS Max

If you are using the latest edition of iPhone and/or iPad and want to know if there is a way to wirelessly print your documents and pictures from these devices to a printer, then yes, there is a way of doing that, which involves making use of AirPrint. To know more about this, log onto iPad Printer Setup.

AirPrint is a technology that allows wireless printing from your smartphones, tablets or computers to printers. However, in order to make wireless printing work, the printer must be Wi-Fi enabled because that’s how it will be connected to the device where the source document is stored. For those using Apple iPhone XS Max or the latest model of iPad, i.e., iPad 6th Generation, wireless printing via AirPrint is a task, which can be done quite easily.

If you have a Wi-Fi enabled printer, it may be possible to print photos, documents, emails or webpages from Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad. To know how it is done, read the next section.

Printing from an iPad or iPhone with the help of AirPrint

To use AirPrint, you will need an iPhone, iPhone or iPod Touch. Along with that, you will require an AirPrint-enabled printer, details of which you can find on iPad Printer Setup webpage. All reputed printer manufacturers have the option where they allow users to print through AirPrint, but in case, you have a new wireless printer, AirPrint option will already be enabled.

It is quite easy to print documents, photos, emails or any other material from your iPhone or iPad is very simple. Just keep in mind to turn on the printer and connect it to the Wi-Fi.

If it is, then you can select as to what needs to be printed. You can choose the files from Photos, Notes, Safari, Mail or any of other installed apps with the ‘Share’ icon. Sometimes you need to tap the three dots on your device’s screen to see extra options that include the share icon.

When you see the Share screen, Print should be on the bottom line (scrollable).

When you tap the option ‘Print’, you are going to see Printer Options along with a preview of what is actually going to be printed. You need to hit ‘select printer’ the first time you decide to print anything. Your iPhone or iPad will scan a local AirPrint printer.

Select the printer that you want to use. Select the number of copies, and then press the ‘Print’ button. It’s that simple.

Printing from an iPad or iPhone in the absence of an AirPrint printer

If you do not have an AirPrint printer, there are some third-party applications to help you. Print Central comes recommended.

They all work similarly, as there is a browser, which allows you to view files on your iPhone or iPad. To physically connect the printer to your iPhone/iPad, you install some client software on your PC so as to allow them to see each other, and as they do, it’s your move to print anything you like.

At last, the simplest method to connect a printer to your iPhone or iPad is via printer manufacturer-specific apps such as Epson iPrint, Xerox Print Portal and HP ePrint. These are very similar to AirPrint, the application talks to the printer and leaves you. Therefore, check the application store in order to find out if the manufacturer of your printer has developed an app that is compatible with your printer.

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