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How To Install Printer On iMac Pro Computer?

Printer On iMac Pro Computer

Adding a printer on iMac Pro desktop is an easy process if you implement the steps with proper attention. The very step to start with the process is:

  • Connect the printer to the computer through USB cable provided with the printer.
  • Plug the printer to the power outlet and wait till the printer gets booted.
  • After connecting the printer physically, you need to turn it on and you will find the printer get recognized by the Mac. Most of the OS X Mac have printer drivers inbuilt and you don’t need to install again. To check the printer, go to ‘Preferences’ followed by ‘Apple menu’, then click on ‘Print and Fax’.
  • Go to the ‘printing’ tab.
  • You will find the printer list on the left-hand side of the opened window.
  • If you find the printer not listed, you can go to the printer website and download the driver for the printer you have purchased from the market. This mostly happens when you purchase the latest released printer model.
  • The procedure to download and install the printer software is almost the same for all the printers. Otherwise, you can read on-screen instructions for the selected model.
  • Download the drivers or software from the website and run an installer program. This will help you in the installation process.
  • If you find the genetic drivers are not installed automatically, then you have to download the special driver software as well from the manufacturer website.
  • In addition to this, you need to install the printer that has shared on the network. You can even print wirelessly through the TCP/IP protocol. All you require is the IP address of your printer. You can check the printer IP from the back of your printer.
  • To install the printer, go to ‘Preferences’ followed by ‘Printing’ under printing and fax. Now, click on the ‘+’ icon given below your printer list.
  • You will find two buttons displaying at the top of the browser window. These are default browser and IP printers. Select the Default browser and the printer from the list.
  • Your mac will then try to connect to the printer. Once the connection is established, you will find the add button gets active and you can click to add the printer.
  • If you are installing through IP, then enter the IP from IP printers’ field and go to the top of browser window.

As we have told earlier that you must know the protocol used to connect the printer. Generally, it is IPP, but for some printers like from HP and Cannon, HP jet direct is used. Under the ‘Address’ option, enter the IP address of printer which is four-digit number separated by dots. Once the connection gets established, you can now add the printer by clicking on the ‘Add’ button from the bottom of the window. The printer is now active and you can start using it.

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