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Apple iOS 10 Supports AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon Printing Technology

Airprint Bluetooth Beacon

Are you aware of the fact that iOS 10 supports the new wireless printing technology that was launched by Apple a couple of years ago? The technology was named ‘AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon’ and the motive behind launching such technology is to deliver more freedom for iPhone and iPad users, which is exactly what the technology has done. If you want to know, how AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon has helped users with their printing related needs, then continue reading the post.

Many top media houses have highlighted features of AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon for devices that are running on iOS 10. Basically, AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon is a wireless printing technology that makes it possible for users to print easily as they don’t have to ensure the connection of the devices on the same Wi-Fi network. As a result, printing procedures have become a lot simple.

Recalling that AirPrint is a technology integrated into printers of different manufacturers that allows you to print documents and photos from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without having to install additional software. To use an AirPrint printer with Wi-Fi, it must be connected to the same network as the iOS device or Mac.

The idea behind AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon is to use a Bluetooth beacon to transmit information about the printer, including its IP address. The technology is a bit different from iBeacon that takes advantage of iOS location services by notifying apps when the user approaches a location or goes away. However, the basic principle is the same: a chip that consumes very little limiting itself only to send information.

The system allows you to quickly locate printers in the vicinity without needing the user to be necessarily connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The technology in question integrates several intrinsic protection mechanisms; everything is very interesting but at present, only a few manufacturers’ offer printers ready for AirPrint Beacon. The number may increase in the future, but as of now, there is only a limited number of manufacturers, which offer such a facility. To know more details, especially of a technical type, you will have to go through the Apple developer website.

If you want to try this new AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon technology, then this is the right time as it is available for your Apple devices. In case, you are trying to connect your Apple device and a printer that are connected to different networks, yet not able to print any document, then you should get in touch with iPad printer setup and support facility. You should also check if your device is working on iOS 10 or a previous operating system.


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